Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June Garden Share Collective

June Gardening is abundant and plentiful vegetables and fruit abound.

These are the highlights of my backyard Australian Garden.

Oranges, Imperial Mandarins, lemons and limes

I am still picking cayenne chillies and jalapenos every week.

Lovely yellow passionfruit.

Sun drying chillies on the windowsill, they seem to dry out very efficiently behind the glass.

The avocadoes have been delightfully big and succulent.
The Ruby Red grapefuit is visibly bright red when the flesh is revealed.

There are lettuce, cabbage, rocket,spinach, wombok and fennel growing in this bed.

Here are baby snow pea plants and more green vegetables.
Winter ensures so many vegetables can grow and thrive well.

This part of the garden has been neglected but will receive a good weeding
and general tidy up this long weekend.
There are corn, spinach, eggplant, fennel, chillies and zucchini growing well in these beds. 

We are picking cherry tomatoes and bigger tomatoes.
Thankfully now the fruit fly has disappeared for winter and they
all ripen beautifully on or off the vine.

These are my Winter garden highlights, shared as part of the Garden Share Collective hosted by Liz and Kate.
You can see the other Garden Share Collective members gardens here.