Sunday, 24 January 2016

Mango Chutney Home Made

Everyone likes Mango Chutney

We love to have a side dish of Mango Chutney with the many curry dishes that I often cook.   My parents prefer to have mango chutney served with a cold slice of ham or corned silverside.   I have a dear friend who slathers it on her toast for a tasty delight.

However you enjoy it, the constant here is that everyone loves mango chutney.

Being summer with the lovely Queensland mangoes readily available and that whenever any of my friends travel north they always bring me back a jar of Mango Chutney,
I thought it best to make some jars for the coming year.

 I made a small batch of 5 jars recently and gave all but 1 bottle to friends
so this time I thought to stash it all in the preserve cupboard in the laundry.

Mango Chutney 

8 mangoes, peeled and flesh roughly chopped
750 grams brown malt vinegar
750 grams white vinegar
1.5kg raw sugar
7 cloves garlic roughly chopped
750 grams onions chopped (about 5 medium sized onions)
300 grams ginger scrubbed and finely chopped
400 grams sultanas
1 teaspoon mixed spice
2 dried chillis chopped 

In a large non stick saucepan put all ingedients except mangoes and bring to a boil with the lid on.  Reduce to a simmer and add the chopped mangoes.  Bring back to a simmer and without the lid simmer for 1 1 /4 hours stirring occasionally.
While it is simmering sterilise jars in your oven, placing them into a cold oven and turning it off when the temperature reaches 150 °C.  Place the lids in a bowl and pour over boiling water and let sit 5 minutes.
Pour hot mango chutney into hot jars and seal.
Label and date when cold.

This mango chutney will last for at least 2 years stored in your cupboard unopened.
Place in refrigerator after opening.

I am so happy to have a batch of mango chutney for the coming year.
Do you like to preserve fruit when it is season too?

Buon appetito, enjoy Merryn xx


These are a sweet treat but they can also be made as a savoury version.
Traditionally cooked in Greece as an Easter treat but certainly lovely all year around.

My 60cm oven stopped working and I wasn't too fussed as I have a 30cm oven as well and you can cook everything in this as long as you have the right sized baking pans.
I finally decided to get the big oven fixed as you couldn't cook two cakes in it at the same time and suddenly my urge to bake has increased substantially.

Especially now that Summer is upon us with glorious time to spend at home.



200g butter
1/4 cup orange juice
grated rind of 1 orange               
1 teaspoon vanilla essence       
1 teaspoon bicarb soda     
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves                       
sesame seeds for sprinkling   
Cream the butter and sugar together in a large mixing bowl until fluffy - about 5 minutes. 
 In a small bowl mix the eggs with the orange juice and rind.  Add the egg / orange juice to the butter mixture and beat until well combined.
In a cup add vanilla essence to the milk.
Add the baking soda to the flour with the cinnamon and cloves and on low speed add 1/2 of flour to the butter/sugar mix until it is incorporated.  Add 1/2 of the milk, mix then add 1/3 more of the flour.  Keep mixing, add rest of milk.  Mix.  Then remaining flour until it is all moist.

These will keep for up to one week in an air tight container at room temperature.
Enjoy with a cappuccino, cup of tea, chocolate milk or a sweet glass of vin santo.

Buon appetito, enjoy Merryn xx