Monday, 2 September 2013

Spring September Gardening

The weather has warmed up, our spirits are in full swing, as now it is SPRING!

My husband and I have been away for one week, trusting two teenage boys to tend to the garden in our absence.
They have done well.  Almost everything was watered, the cats were fed, although they are not quite so chubby now, they survived as did most of the garden.  We are truly impressed.
We came home to a bounty of snow peas, green, lush and delectable.

The fennel bulbs have grown and multiplied.  From one single plant, many more will grow.  Plus the fennel fronds are a suitable substitute for dill in many dishes from Spanakopita to a seafood accompaniment.

It is the first day of Spring and I have picked and eaten the first strawberries of the season!

These are so sweet and luscious.

 Yesterday, I picked the first blood orange I have ever tasted and now I know what all the fuss is about.  These are truly magnificient, sweet, but on a deeper level than the humble orange.

One lonely asparagus shoot, peeping up through the earth to stake it's claim on the world
One small asparagus step for mankind...
one spear closer to my plate.

The banana bunch is ripening nicely, the lower 'hand' has already been taken indoors to ripen.

On the whole, Winter has passed so quickly and Spring is now here.
This winter has been warmer than ever and our crops have grown for a longer season.
The fruit trees were given compost and mulch two weeks ago to help their Spring growth.

Now the best growing season is upon us and I urge anyone who has any dirt to spare, be it in a pot, a balcony trough or even 1 metre of  ground,  to plant what you will use...
 so you gain maximum enjoyment from the planting and growing of edibles.    
Gardening is so much fun and you reap what you sow!
Kindest regards, Merryn :D