Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Figs with walnuts, blue vein cheese and balsamic vinegar

As I was driving to Newcastle it occurred to me how much trust we have when driving on the road.
We trust that other drivers, especially those travelling towards us on the other side, will stay on their side of the road.
We trust that when a driver puts on their blinker to indicate that they are turning, that they do, in fact, turn.
As evidenced when a car on my right was approaching a roundabout with their right blinker on, I am so glad I hesitated before turning onto this roundabout as the driver when straight ahead anyway, turning his blinker off when already on the roundabout.  I would have been struck on my side door.

Therefore trust is a very big issue when we are driving.

Much like when we read a recipe we believe that it actually tastes good.

We trust that each author, cook or blogger is offering us a good dish

After you have tried these delicious figs I trust you will tell me how wonderfully good they taste.


Grilled Figs with walnuts, blue vein cheese and balsamic vinegar.

1 dozen figs - these are Black Genoa Figs
6 walnuts, shelled
1/4 cup blue vein cheese cut into chunks
Balsamic vinegar 

Preheat grill to medium high.
Rinse and cut figs in half lengthwise.  Place upturned on baking tray.
Insert half a walnut and a small square of blue vein cheese into the middle of the fig.
Drizzle each fig with a little balsamic vinegar, about 1/2 teaspoon.
Place under grill, grill for 5 minutes.

The balsamic caramelizes and creates a sweet dressing.


I know you will love figs prepared this way, they are so delicious and taste decadent.
 P.S.  I trust you will stay on your side of the road and only indicate when you actually intend to turn.
Buon appetito, enjoy Merryn xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March Garden Share Collective - the joy of fresh fruit.

Finally the olives have ripened and are ready for brining.
It was four 1/2 years ago I planted my first olive tree, looking forward to this day.

Here they are in the 20% brine solution so the bitterness can leach out and they will become soft.

Today's harvest, quinces, tamarillos, avocadoes, three types of eggplant, bananas and pomegranate.

Luscious black genoa figs, my favourite.

We are still picking a small amount of strawberries.

Elderberries, I don't know what to do with them yet!

Here are green olives, delightfully hanging on the tree.

Pomegranates are so pretty on the tree.

The capsicums have grown prolifically this summer.

We are again eating corn!

Limes, just perfect for so many dishes, especially in Mexican cooking.

My lovely red papaya.

March is a wonderfully productive garden month.  From fruit to vegetables the soil is warm and the days are long.  This is hosted as part of the Garden Share Collective hosted by Liz.  
Have a look around the other gardens to see what can be grown at this time of year in different climates.

Buon appetito, enjoy, Merryn xx