Sunday, 3 November 2013

Merryn's post Spring Garden

This is definitely one of the best times of the year for growing and reaping your wonderful garden produce.

Broccoli in abundance ....

Some beautiful snow peas, bouncing with beauty and vitality.

These young cos lettuce, coral lettuce, rocket and shallots are so close to picking. 
 They have been in the soil for about 1 month. 
At this stage, you can pick the outer leaves, allowing the lettuce to continue to grow
and likewise pick the young shallots as they have enough flavour to enjoy.
Our broad beans are  producing very well.  We have been picking them for 6 weeks now. 
The papaya have been amazing!  I love this fruit. 
Served sliced with a little lime juice over the top it is unsurpassed in flavour. 
I love it green and finely shredded for a salad, but equally enjoyable,
ripe and served with the acidic accompaniment of lime or lemon juice. 
This is amazing!

Young peaches growing on the tree, soon to be succulent, and juicy.
Asparagus happily peeping through the ground. 
This such a gorgeous vegetable, give it a dedicated bed and watch it prosper and grow.
Beautiful cabbage wholesome and full, cut it in half and give your neighbours their fill!
We have had such a wonderful October harvest and are looking forward to the peaches,
 nectarines and quinces that will be coming to fruition in November.
Not to mention delicious sun ripened tomatoes.
Mouth watering vegetables.
Happy gardening! Buon appetito! Merryn