Sunday, 1 December 2013

November in the Garden

It is the end of November and you can taste the sun in your vegetables.

How amazing is this corn?  Sweet, succulent and sensational. 

Buttered corn on the cob, barbecued or chargrilled or stripped and fried as corn fritters.
Corn is so easy to grow and each plant products so many lovely cobs of corn.

Fresh honey, the sweetness of honey produced by your own bees from your own flowers is amazing.
It is incomparable to any you can buy and we are blessed by the presence of bees.


  1. I had no idea that corn was easy to grow! It might stand a chance with me! :P

  2. I am sure you could cultivate anything Lorraine!

  3. love real homegrown corn! in my small garden, i sadly do not have to space for it (tried once and couldn't grow much else that year) so i wait for my dad's. so sweet, and even when old and starchy, it's still so much better than storebought stuff. isn;t that always the way though?
    but i am in awe of anyone who has their own honey! you must be the only person in the garden share collective with their own bee hive/honey box! how intriguing.

  4. I agree with you as I haven't been able to buy corn for over 10 years now. If it is not home grown, don't bother with it. I do notice that the latest batch is much higher than the Spring ones, so the sun must have a huge impact. Your sunny days are yet to come. Honey from your own hive is purely divine :D