Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Lavender Wreath

Here is a unique present for the love of your life on Valentine's Day.

When love is fresh you might swap gifts of jewellery with each other
over a lovely dinner at a romantic restaurant.

On our first Valentine's Day we were living in Bondi, in a side street off Bondi Road.
We bought a bottle of Mateus, a popular affordable wine at the time and wandered up to
the China Moon,  past Kemenys and an amazing French bakery
for a delectable Chinese meal.

This was a journey we regularly made. 
 30 years ago Bondi was more like a country town than a City
where you knew so many people.
You could safely wonder the streets at night and knew the shop keepers by first name.
The China Moon is still there today but I don't know if it has the same owners,
or indeed the same atmosphere.
We, however, have very fond memories of dining on Bondi Road which 
shortly thereafter became a Mecca of dining establishments.

About 15 years ago we bought another similar bottle of wine on our anniversary for old times sake
but we realised that your taste for wine changes over time.

It is however the memories you make together that really matter
and sharing Valentine's Day together is special.
Dining in obscure establishments on Bondi Road still hold a firm place in my heart.

Here is a  unique Valentine's Day gift, made with love,
 you will enjoy for many years.

Cut fresh lavender stalks into roughly 7cm lengths.
Insert the stalks, with the leaves facing the same way,
as if they were still on the bush, into the cane crevices.

Continue doing all of the stalks with leaves, reserving the lavender heads for last.

Lavender symbolises peace, purity and tranquility.

When you are happy with the presentation and have all of the facing surfaces filled,
spray with hairspray to help the lavender retain it's colour as it dries.

Here I have created a gift for my Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Buon appetito, Merryn.


  1. This looks great, a clever idea for using your lavender and what a nice surprise for your man. I hope it smells good too!

  2. Thank you, it was really fun to make and is drying well :D

  3. What beautiful memories Merryn! And it's a stunning wreath too! :)

  4. Thank you Lorraine, we have very fond memories of living in Bondi/Waverley. It was very satisfying making this wreath too 8)