Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Chilli Furikake

I love Chilli - I am possibly addicted to Chilli
but it is healthy and harmless.

I also like swimming.  Once when I was when competing in a school swimming carnival, doing the dreaded 'Butterfly Stroke' half way down the pool,  I felt this hand on my belly lifting me up out of the water.

This muscular teacher apparently thought I was drowning - anyone doing the butterfly stroke looks like they can't swim.   Seriously, whoever invented this method of swimming should be shot!

I think the teacher was trying to win brownie points with a new female teacher, but it didn't do anything for my morale.  Lesson learnt, participate in what you enjoy and not what you are told to compete in.

Likewise, because I like chilli, I will eat chilli.

Chilli Furikake is equally nice sprinkled on boiled rice or any dish that needs a flavour lift.
It is delicious sprinkled over sliced cucumber or spaghetti con aglio olio (with garlic and olive oil).

I bought Adam Liaw's cook book Asian After Work and am thoroughly enjoying the recipes.
Thinking carefully about copyright I hesitated in reproducing Adam's recipe, until I saw this post on
TheHoopla where Chilli Furikake was cooked on Masterchef with Crispy Squid.

Here is the recipe;

Chilli Furikake
2 tbsp bonito flakes
1 sheet nori seaweed
1 tsp sesame seeds, toasted
1 pinch caster sugar
1 tsp Korean chili powder
2 tbsp Maldon sea salt
1. To make the Chilli Furikake, toast the nori sheet over an open flame for few second until it becomes brittle. Crumble the nori into the bowl of a small food processor with the bonito flakes and process until it becomes a coarse powder. Add the toasted sesame seeds, sugar, chili powder and salt and mix well. Store in an airtight container.

My breakfast usually consists of two fried eggs sprinkled with a little finely sliced chilli, depicted here with the welcome addition of Chilli Furikake. It is a great accompaniment to the creamy, home made fried Haloumi.

Does anyone else add extras to their fried eggs and what would you put Chilli Furikake on?
Buon appetito, Merryn


  1. LOL the butterfly is indeed a very strange swimming stroke! Although I must admit I only really do doggy paddle :P I love chilli though! :D

    1. Dog paddle is just fine it gets you by quite adequately 8)

  2. I really like this chilli furikake but I prefer not to do the butterfly stroke. :)

  3. Yes swimming is about survival and having fun, not butterfly stroking! All chilli devotees must be good people :)