Monday, 4 August 2014

August Garden Share Collective Garden Overview

Here we are in the last month of winter and the garden is flourishing.

I am so happy that there are several self seeded rocket patches throughout the garden,
often growing in bare patches of dirt = a double bonus = win win.

New capsicum plants are now producing this winter's crop of sweet green capsicum.
I prefer to pick them green and crisp and rarely let them turn red.

This banana bunch seems to be taking forever to ripen
but it is slowly and surely beginning to turn yellow.
We hope to start eating this bunch during this month.

Radicchio, also self seeded and a welcome addition to our vegetables.
The chickens love radicchio too so we need to grow extra for them.

Endive (scarole) grows quickly, is hardy and delicious fresh in salads 
or lightly steamed or stir fried with cannelloni beans.

Celery, indispensable in minestrone and most soups.
Hardy and long lasting.

Home grown produce, the lowest hand of bananas cut to ripen indoors,
oranges from my parents (as our trees are only 3 years old) 
and chillies from various homes in our street as I am between flowers and green chillies.
It still shows what can easily be grown in a 1km radius from here.

These seedlings are broccoletti, radishes, various lettuces and bok choi. 
They have been in the ground for 1 month, the letttuce + bok choi will be ready to pick next week.

Shallots, rainbow chard, lettuce and more endive.
We are picking the shallots daily, as needed.

Broccoli, with small heads showing, cabbages and spinach, the cabbages
will be ready to pick in 2 - 3 weeks.

We have a huge diversity of vegetables growing at the moment, 
plus tomatoes, our winter tomatoes are very strong this year.

I specially hand selected seeds reknown for growing in cold climates and it was a good decision.
I love picking tomatoes all through Winter.

This is a round up of my garden this month.
Please have a look at the other Garden Share Collective members gardens here.

Buon appetito, enjoy, Merryn.


  1. wish i could pick tomatoes in winter :-) sadly i fear not a tassie winter! what a beautiufl green round up of your garden. so many delicious green things to eat.

  2. Thanks E, yes we are very fortunate to have juicy delicious tomatoes. I used 500g to make tomato soup yesterday, it was a winter treat :D

  3. I'd dearly love a garden like yours Merryn! I didn't realise that green capsicum were unripened red ones! :o

  4. Thanks Lorraine, gardening is such a pleasurable activity which is also incredibly useful :D

  5. Those bananas and oranges really make me envious. I so love fruit and can't grow those.

    1. Yes they are lovely Daphne, each tree when ripe brings so much joy.

  6. The bananas are impressive! You have summer and winter crops. I'm jealous.

    1. Thank you Francesca, we are lucky to be able to grow a diverse range of crops.

  7. Wow thats an impressive lot of bananas. I hope to have some from our small but not dead yet plants. Your garden looks amazing as always.

    1. We are just picking bananas now, they seem to take forever to ripen. There is plenty of rain right now which will help, especially with the heat that willl generate when the sun comes out again. I am sure your bananas will burst forth in glory Liz L:D