Monday, 6 October 2014

October in My Garden

This week I picked the first snow peas.
Every day now I will be picking more snow peas.
It was about 5 weeks since I planted the seeds in the ground before they started flowering.
There will be a continual supply now for approximately 6 weeks.

I weeded the asparagus patch and hubby topped it up with compost, dirt and bark.
You can see the spears peeking through, then I cut them off just below the level of the dirt.
I store them in a glass of water at room temperature for a few days until there is enough for a meal.

Here is a haul of freshly picked peaches and nectarines.
There are fruit fly traps hung on every flowering tree
and we have to net every tree to protect the precious fruit from birds.

I was so happy to see this artichoke head emerging from the top of the plant.
They will be ready in December for picking (cooking and eating, yum).

This is a second peach tree which is a different variety from the one that is fruiting now.
It is great to have unique types so they flower at different times.
There is small fruit on this tree as well.
The blossoms are purely delightful and brighten up the garden.

I have papayas and paw paw growing together in a clump. 
The papaya are a darker orange colour then the pawpaw
and I love to eat the slices with lime juice squeezed on top.

The radishes have grown so well and quickly
that we have been eating them already for 6 weeks
They are still a good size to pick and enjoy.
They stay fresh in the ground. 

I was delighted to find this lavender
'Strawberries and Cream' at the nursery on the weekend.
My bees might produce white pollen!

Broccoli in abundance, pest free, although I did accidentally 
cook a caterpiller in a batch recently;
much to the teenagers' disgust.

The first of the new season's zucchini.
We will be able to pick flowers and zucchinis for the remainder of this year.

These are the highlights of my October garden.
I am also growing lettuce, spinach, leeks, chard, endive, cauliflower, tomatoes and cabbage as well.
Bon appetito, enjoy Merryn.
P.S.  What is the strangest insect you have found in your cooking?

Breakfast Food

My Morning routine; 
Feed children, feed cats, walk outside to feed goldfish and give chickens some greens.

Then feed myself!
The best start to the day is fried (or poached) eggs.
It only takes 5 minutes till on the plate.

Above are 2 organic eggs with chopped green chilli fried in olive oil.
On top of multigrain toast, with a sprinkling of chilli furikake,
served with lightly fried home made haloumi.
Accompanied by Pure orange juice and followed by a lovely coffee latte.

Here are 2 organic fried eggs with chopped red chilli served on toast with a little 
XO sauce placed on top after cooking.  
Eating breakfast in the sun with a glass of orange juice
with an inspiring book to read.  

2 perfectly fried eggs with 4 stalks of fresh picked asparagus.

Notice my common breakfast theme.
2 fried eggs with healthy toast and juice will
sustain me for most of the day.

Our gorgeous chickens dutifully lay them daily so we know they are organic and free range.

Bon appetito, enjoy Merryn.