Monday, 6 October 2014

Breakfast Food

My Morning routine; 
Feed children, feed cats, walk outside to feed goldfish and give chickens some greens.

Then feed myself!
The best start to the day is fried (or poached) eggs.
It only takes 5 minutes till on the plate.

Above are 2 organic eggs with chopped green chilli fried in olive oil.
On top of multigrain toast, with a sprinkling of chilli furikake,
served with lightly fried home made haloumi.
Accompanied by Pure orange juice and followed by a lovely coffee latte.

Here are 2 organic fried eggs with chopped red chilli served on toast with a little 
XO sauce placed on top after cooking.  
Eating breakfast in the sun with a glass of orange juice
with an inspiring book to read.  

2 perfectly fried eggs with 4 stalks of fresh picked asparagus.

Notice my common breakfast theme.
2 fried eggs with healthy toast and juice will
sustain me for most of the day.

Our gorgeous chickens dutifully lay them daily so we know they are organic and free range.

Bon appetito, enjoy Merryn.


  1. Yum, that is my favourite breakfast too!

  2. It is the best choice for breakfast :D

  3. what a yummy breakfast. complete with fresh air and sunshine - i can only manage that on weekends. but you've inspired me to have eggs for breakfast more often. at least on those weekends. thanks for the idea.

  4. I am glad you have been inspired, breakfast is really special on weekends :D

  5. Great breakfasts:) Any of these are welcome to start my day Merryn:)

  6. Thanks Rachel, you must love an egg breakfast too :D