Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Eggplant Salad with Chilli and Garlic

It has been a particularly busy few weeks lately.  Topped off by my Father's health scare and recent stay in hospital which is a 40 minute drive away.  I am so grateful that hubby stepped in and cooked for a few nights, taking the washing off the line and even pouring me a lovely  bath one evening.

It is also wonderful to have the creativity of someone else cooking in your kitchen.  One night I was so fortunate to come home to fettucine marinara with a gorgeous white wine, cream and garlic sauce adorning a delectable range of seafood.  Another evening hubby surprised me with crisp fried chicken, ratatouille from home grown vegetables and the freshest salad with avocado you have ever seen created in Autumn.

Plus pork belly, hubby cooks a crunchy pork belly "Can you hear the crunch" we joke as we bite into the crisp pork belly crackling.

Even the teenagers rose to the occasion and quickly swept and cleaned the spare room when we had an unexpected person sleep over.

Enough waffling, it just reminds me of how much I appreciate my family and sometimes from the worst situations, some highlights and delightful surprises unexpectedly arise ...

Hence, here is the simplest and quickest eggplant salad you can ever make.  It is delicious as well as pretty.  Perfect for when you have a limited time in which to cook.


Eggplant Salad with Chilli and Garlic

4 long eggplant, (I used yellow ones), sliced into 5mm rounds
2 long red chillies, finely chopped (remove the seeds if you don't like it hot)
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
salt and freshly cracked black pepper
About 1/2 cup olive oil for frying
Additional 1/4 cup Extra virgin olive oil

Heat a large frying pan to a medium high heat.  Pour in 1/4 cup olive oil, swirl to coat and lay eggplant slices carefully on top to fry.  After 2 minutes turn and cook the other side, adding more olive oil if required.  Cook another 2 minutes then remove and place on serving tray.
Sprinkle with a little garlic, chilli, salt and pepper.
Repeat in batches until all are cooked, layering on top with the remaining garlic chilli and seasonings. Drizzle with the extra virgin olive oil and serve at once or cool to room temperature.

These can be refrigerated overnight, covered, but bring to room temperature before serving.


P.S.  My father has recovered well and is thankfully resting at home.

Buon appetito, enjoy Merryn xx