Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Mushroom Luncheon Surprise

What is Mushroom Luncheon Surprise (I hear you ask)

This is what is created when you take ingredients to work too cook a rich mushroom risotto only to find that the packet of rice you bought, less then 2 months ago, has weavils .... and you're hungry.
No I am not eating weavils, so into the bin goes the rice and I am left with a basic mushroom, onion and garlic stir fry.  Luckily there is a huge jar of braised artichokes in the fridge, and a block of parmesan cheese.  Dressed with a sprinkle of dried chillies and seasoning and it seems, we have lunch!

Follow this up with a plate of apricot, coconut logs and the meal is complete.

Let's just say, dinner tonight will be HUGE

Here is the recipe for these gorgeous apricot logs.

This is so funny, seriously, you have to laugh.
A mid week vegetarian luncheon creation.   It's serendipity!
Buon appetito, Merryn xx