Sunday, 5 May 2013

Smoked Salt

  Backyard Smoked Salt

I had considered getting a backyard smoker for a while.   I scoured web sites, read reviews from smoking forums, researched smoker recipes and finally took the plunge and purchased a smoker.
Everyone likes a new kitchen gadget and this is an exciting addition to my cooking collection.

After arriving at the designated shop I dutifully wrestled the three tiered smoker into the back of my car from a trolley.  Driving home I was exhilarated thinking of all the smoked goodies I would be cooking that evening.


Driving to the rear of our home I was still excited.   After pulling up as close as possible to the back door, I took the huge box out of my car and struggled to carry the smoker.  The box said it weighed less than 30kg, I am almost positive that weight statement is incorrect but maybe it was purely the bulky shape that was so awkward.

Nevertheless I finally arrived at the back door manhandling it beautifully into position where I set about constructing it.  Actually, first I asked MOH (my other half) if he would do it but he grinned and said 'you wanted it - you put it together'.   So I did.  I painfully took out everything and checked it was all there, then screwed the sides and back together.  Putting the gas burning unit together was a little more tricky but 1 hour later and it was assembled (the burner/ignition box that is) but the bottom box did not want to unite with the top smoker unit!

I was comparing the whole episode to a funny renovating novel where everything took longer than expected.  After being quite confident till this point, I called for a teenager to help and he turned the bottom box upside down and had it connected quickly.  On with the front door, shelves, temperature gauge, vent and then it was connected with the house gas outlet.  Yay!  One small achievement for womankind.

Hickory chips that have been soaked in half water/half white wine for one hour to infuse a lovely aroma into the smoked food.    Drain and let dry before putting into your wood chip box.

You can use any type of wood chips, the choice of variety will influence the flavour of your smoked food.

* Take one cup of coarse rock salt, a few sprigs of fresh thyme and two chopped chillies.

Place into a suitable container (I used stainless steel) or onto a baking tray and place onto the top shelf of your smoker when it has started smoking and reached temperature, in this case, 160celsius.

The herbs with the smoked salt are very satisfying, intensely smoky and delectable. 
The aroma is amazing.  I am now used to smelling like a fire while smoking food, and don't mind it at all.

Remove from the smoker with gloves after 30 minutes and let cool.  When cooled store in a glass jar or a
pepper grinder so you can freshly grind the aromatic salt as required. 

Add to cooked meat or vegetables or grind over fish, chicken or red meat prior to baking.

You will be amazed at how good this salt tastes and the superb addition of it to any recipe.

Please, if you have read this and enjoyed my smoked salt story, let me know as I appreciate all feedback.   Thank you, Merryn :D

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