Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chocolate Snow Cookies

Chocolate Snow Cookies

These a feast for your eyes, delectable, attractive and delicious.
We were having tradesmen doing work on our house, from external painting through to woodwork.
The men were such cheerful souls, bustling in at 7.30am and working hard until they stopped for a cup of coffee and snack around 10.30am.  There were continual comings and goings through the house from the front to the rear.  These men were so happy, they obviously loved what they did and whistled while they worked.  I was so grateful the least I could do was to make them coffee and bake them a batch of cookies.

This is how this all-in-one super quick food processor recipe came about.
You do not have to sift anything either as the food processor will do all the work for you.

Chocolate Snow Cookies
1 1/2  cups self raising flour
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 teaspoon salt
75 grams butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs

Extra:  1 cup icing sugar for coating dough balls, sifting is optional.

Put all dry ingredients into your food processor.  Lightly mix then add cubed butter and mix until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
Add 2 eggs, 1 at a time, add vanilla extract and mix until it comes together as a ball.
Remove and roll into small balls, then coat in icing sugar generously.  

Place on paper or silicon lined baking trays and bake at 180 C for approx 10 minutes.   
Yields about 35 cookies.

Roll dough balls in icing sugar before placing  on tray.

When cooked they literally crack and the icing sugar creates a beautiful snow like effect on the chocolate cookies.

The wonderful tradesmen were very appreciative of my efforts and tried extra hard to give us a good result for the house with minimal charge.  I think you get always back what you give :D

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Buon appetitio Merryn :D


  1. These look so scrumptious! I've always wanted to make these cookies too! :D

    1. These are delicious, so quick, tasty and do-able for visitors. Did I mention they can be frozen? Thanks Lorraine :D

  2. I've just noticed these chocolate cookies - they look great. The recipe is going on my 'to-take' list right now!

  3. Thanks Ambra, these are a great, quick and 'glamourous' cookie offering, perfect with a cappuccino.