Wednesday, 15 January 2014


It is sublime to garden, cook and have a refreshing tipple all at once.

This is just what Ratafia offers ......

Grow the peach tree, pick the leaves, leave them soaking in white wine for 10 days, strain, bottle and enjoy!
Preferably on a garden seat, enjoying the view of flora.

(1)  Pick 125 peach leaves, wash them and leave to dry.
(2)  Take 1.5 litres white wine (I used Moscato which is a sweet wine).
(3)  1 cinnamon stick, 1 star anise and 3 whole cloves.
(4)  Place all into a large jar, seal and leave at room temperature away from the sun, for 10 days.

(5)  After 10 days strain, you will see how golden the white wine has become.
(6)  Now very gently heat 1 cup Vodka with 120grams of castor sugar, stirring to dissolve the sugar.
(7)  Let cool and add to the strained wine.
(8)  Bottle into sterilised jars, seal and enjoy.
(9)  Store 1 bottle in the refrigerator and keep the other 2 on your liquer shelf.

(I do wish I had removed the bottle labels first.)


You have Ratafia!   A gorgeous digestif; perfect to have in a small glass over ice to finish your meal.
You can also mix 1/3 Ratafia with 2/3's sparkling water with ice for a refreshing drink.

Please note you must be over 18 in Australia to drink alcohol.
Merryns Menu suggests drinking in moderation.

Buon appetito!  Enjoy, Merryn

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