Monday, 29 September 2014

Citronella Spray for Keeping Insects at Bay - My Unique Creation

The recent rain has meant mosquitoes have laid eggs and bred, well, more mosquitoes.
Flies that lay dormant for winter have resurfaced now that it is Spring.
My bees do not like commercial anti-insect sprays and have been attracted to - yet repulsed by these sprays so we do not like strong smells in our garden.  Nor do we like bee stings.

I will always use a natural alternative whenever possible,
such as this Citronella Anti Insect Spray. 

Distilled water is basically fresh rainwater that has been allowed to settle for a few days.
This Citronella Spray has a light, pleasant fragrance and is nice on your skin.

This product has been road tested in my backyard, directly in front of bee hive entrances.

Citronella Anti Insect Spray

250ml distilled water
2 teaspoons olive oil
130 drops Citronella Essential Oil

Diffuser bottle in which to store the spray.
Pour in measured water, add olive oil and count citronella drops.  Put on lid and shake to disperse.
Give it a light shake before using so that the oil is mixed through the water.

Enjoy, safely, Merryn.

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