Monday, 29 September 2014

Fried Ham Wraps

On Sunday I was hanging out wet clothes washing and taking off what was dry from the line.
My mother had arrived over for coffee and naturally helped me to do the washing.
"You should turn your good clothes inside out when hanging them on the line" Mother said.
"Mother" I replied "Washing the clothes is not an art form, it is something to do as quickly as possible".

I think lunch should be like this too, cooked as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your day.

N.B.  Most of our mothers did not work after they were married, and had ALL day to do chores.

                             Take one wrap and fill half of it with whatever fillings you enjoy.  
                                                Include cheese so the wrap melts together.

Super Quick Lunch Time Fried Wraps

2 white sandwich wraps per person (you could use burrito wraps)
sliced ham
mozzarella cheese, grated  (you could use tasty or cheddar)
tomatoes, finely sliced
pickled jalapenos, sliced
olive oil, to brush wraps

Lay one wrap on a tray, add 3 slices ham to cover one half of wrap.
Place sliced tomato on top, sprinkle with black pepper, then add the sliced jalapenos and sprinkle with cheese.  Fold over top, brush lightly with olive oil.
Heat griddle pan over medium heat, carefully place folded wrap on top and cook for 2 minutes.
Brush exposed side with olive oil then gently turn over with a spatula to brown underside for 2 minutes.  If desired, you can turn again at a 90 degree angle to create this cross hatch effect, fry for 1 minute then turn over at 90 degrees to create the crosses on the other side.
Place on a plate and cut into triangles.  Eat warm, or at room temperature.

Bon appetito, Enjoy, Merryn.

I ask you, seriously, do you turn your clothes inside out on the line so they don't fade?
Does anyone actually enjoy washing clothes?
I would rather be in the kitchen cooking, or walking in the garden.


  1. I'd definitely eat this quick and yummy lunch! And I agree...I'd much rather be cooking than doing laundry or ironing!

  2. I am so pleased you share this sentiment Liz :D

  3. Doing laundry is not my idea of fun! Or anyone's, I'd imagine. But this tasty quick dish? Yes, please. Thanks!

    1. What a lovely sentiment thank you. It is definitely more desirable to be cooking :

  4. Oops! I must admit I've been guilty of saying that about the turning laundry inside-out to Mr NQN but he doesn't listen to me anyway! :P

  5. You and my mum would get along so well. I must tell her someone else turns their laundry inside out too, she will be most impressed :D

  6. I have heard people say you should do this laundry thing - but who has the time to turn them back when they get off the line - has always seemed way too time consuming to me - besides in this house JR does the washing most of the time and I can't imagine even suggesting to him that he does this!